4 Ways To Prevent Losing Teeth

4 Ways To Prevent Losing Teeth (Final)

You’ve probably heard the age-old saying “an apple away keeps the doctor away” and though apples are healthy if you bite into one that’s too hard, it can cost you a trip to the dentist. Visiting your dentist can be fun when there’s nothing wrong with your teeth but can go south if your at-home dental care isn’t up to par.

So what can you do to ensure that your teeth are in optimal shape and avoid a costly dental procedure on your biannual dental visit? Keep reading below to learn how to prevent losing teeth.

Adopt A Healthy And Balanced Diet
Make sure to eat nutritious foods that are satisfying yet healthy. When you avoid eating too many snacks and carbs, you prevent those foods from sticking to your tooth’s enamel, becoming plaque and eventually, doing away with your tooth, entirely.  One of the best foods to adopt for a healthy smile are milk and dairy products because they help to strengthen teeth providing calcium, protein and vitamin D. Another food that benefits your smile are lean meats like fish and eggs. Aside from protein, lean meats provides the body with phosphorus which works to protect the tooth’s enamel. Lean meats and proteins are also a great source of vitamin B3 which keeps gums healthy as well.  Leafy greens and crunchy produce are also extremely beneficial for healthy teeth. Leafy greens are rich in vitamins A, B2, and B12 which benefits healthy smiles. Crunchy produce help with saliva production which work to remove acid and other debris from teeth.

Brush Your Teeth A Minimum Of Two Times Per Day
Brushing your teeth is an integral part of not only your oral health but your health overall. When you avoid brushing, you open the door for plaque and bacteria to take over your pearly whites, which can lead to tooth decay, and eventually, tooth loss.  You can avoid this by brushing at least twice a day, with a soft bristle brush and make sure to use toothpaste with fluoride! You can kick it up a notch by brushing after lunch too.

Floss On The Daily Basis
It seems like there’s a new study released every year with contradicting information about whether or not flossing is beneficial but let’s look at the facts. When you floss, you’re more like to get the food wedged between your teeth, out. Because the food was removed, it’s less likely that those particles will decompose in between your teeth, which makes it less likely you’ll experience tooth decay.  When you take good care of your teeth, you don’t have to stress out about paying for costly implants or other dental procedures. You definitely won’t regret flossing!

Visit Your Dentist Twice A Year
This should go without saying, but you should be visiting your dentist a minimum of two times per year. I know this may not be the case for everyone as some people don’t count on dental insurance but if you can make the sacrifice, or find an employer who offers dental coverage, it’s important to visit the dentist.

During your checkup, your doctor will make sure your teeth are on the right track, and if they aren’t, they will come up with a treatment plan so that your oral health can improve. Poor oral hygiene can lead to cavities, broken teeth, tooth loss, and even extreme weight loss.

These are only a few tips to make sure that your oral health is in good shape and that you keep all of your natural teeth, as long as you can!

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